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His current research relates to the role of non-state actors in international law and related questions in human rights and humanitarian law. Since , she is Director of the LL. Cassese - University of Florence V. Gaeta - Director of the LL. Kolb - University of Geneva N. Nowak - University of Vienna R. Rowe - Lancaster University Y. Schabas - Middlesex University M. Tomuschat - Humboldt University Berlin W.

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Weissbrodt - University of Minnesota. The Handbook paints a complex picture of overlapping legal domains all pushing and competing to regulate military conduct.

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Whether or not this competitive process is coherent depends on which author in the Handbook is asked, a pluralism that accurately reflects the state of the field today. The high rate of new publications on international humanitarian law and its associated topics continues, so it is important that entrants have something different to offer.

The distinguishing features of this book are its multi-dimensional approach, the calibre of its contributors, and their willingness to offer no-holds-barred opinions on controversial topics. These features comfortably imbue the book with the requisite value-add If this book were read cover to cover, the reader would be left with a comprehensive survey of the most important legal issues in the context of modern armed conflicts. It is therefore recommended to those who are seeking this advanced understanding from a multidimensional, critical perspective.

Not only does it provides a comprehensive introduction to the law applicable in armed conflict, it also offers ample food for thought on the structure of the international legal system and the character of international legal obligations. Furthermore, it clearly stems from the sum of the essays that the legal framework applicable to an armed conflict is not single-fold, but multifaceted. This handbook is a useful, up-to-date and comprehensive tool for scholars and practitioners, especially judges, dealing with the legal issues arising out of armed conflicts.

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