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Muslim immigrants from the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia were suspected. They opposed Australia's pro-Greek stance in the region. The primitive device was locally made and al-Gama'a al-Islamiya was suspected. The bomb was planted in the lead car and was detonated by remote-control. The Islamic government had recently cracked down on rival Muslim groups. He had direct links with the Kurdish Islamic terrorist group PKK and had received numerous death threats.

The Turkish National Intelligence Organization was responsible for the assassination. The blast occurred as the area was being cleared following the discovery of a bag containing explosives wired to a clock. That bomb was filled with nails to make it especially lethal. The Pattani United Liberation Organization claimed responsibility. They were demanding that four fellow terrorists arrested on suspicion of setting fire to local schools be released from custody - a move which confirmed their complicity. Military intelligence officers said that the Pattani United Liberation Organization and the New Pattani United Liberation Organization had cooperated in a series of terrorist attacks throughout Thailand.

Founded in , the Pattani United Liberation Organization sought to separate Thailand's predominately Muslim southern provinces from the rest of the country. They, like most all Islamic terrorists, wanted to establish an Islamic state based upon Sharia Law. Southern resistance to Thai rule had a long history, but PULO itself did not emerge as a leading Islamic terrorist group until the s. The Pattani United Liberation Organization fought alongside several other jihadist groups. Their Islamic assault on Thailand was most severe in the s.

It began to fade in the s, and was nearly gone by the mids.

It has since reemerged. Starting in , a plethora of bombings and shootings once again terrorized Thailand's southern provinces. More than people were killed in the name of Allah and Islam during this time. In July , Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra reserved emergency powers to help combat the rise of the Muslim menace. PULO's most common tactics were drive-by shootings and bombings.

Their attacks focused on public buildings, such as schools and police stations, and also on public officials. The most serious incident of the recent revolt occurred in October of , when protests broke out after six Muslim men were arrested for providing the terrorists with weapons. This current religious revival of terrorism in Thailand now includes arson and more sophisticated bombings.

Coordinated attacks are increasingly common. The Armed Islamic Group claimed responsibility for the murders.

Rebuttal to Craig Winn "Prophet of Doom: Epilogue • What Are You Going to Do?" article.

In their press release, they said: "the killings were part of our campaign to rid Algeria of Jews and Christians. The victim had been on his way to work. Today, there are no Jews or Israelis in Bethlehem. The Muslims who occupy the Jerusalem suburb have turned the Messiah's birthplace into a festering slum where only death and poverty prosper. Two Romanians were among the four tourists injured. Two Austrian soldiers were wounded. The attack was part of the wider campaign of harassment of foreigners in Kurdish-controlled territories.

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Sophia Church in Istanbul, Turkey. It had been turned into an Islamic religious shrine and tourist attraction. He was the fourth Russian to be slain by the Armed Islamic Group, an offshoot of Algeria's most popular religious and political party, in the past six months. The savage crime in the name of Allah occured in Petah Tiqva, Israel. Both jihadists were residents of Khan Yunis.

The Marxist organization demanded that the relief group dig wells in territory they controled. The remaining hostages were released two months later, after food and medicine were delivered to the area. The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, another complete misnomer, claimed that the savage murder was revenge for the death of a Gaza Arab. Two people were killed, and twelve were wounded, including Spanish and Belgian tourists.

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The attack was part of a PKK campaign to dissuade tourists from traveling to Turkey. Two Kurdish Muslims were arrested in connection with the incident.

There is no Kurdistan. Kurds were terrorizing the Iraqi and Turkish regimes to create such a place. These bad boys were enemies, not business associates. He was guarding a food shipment. The young Muslim crashed his car into the bus. The vehicle had been packed with pounds of explosives which had been laced with nails.

Eight Israelis were killed including four teenage boys. Most of the injured were high school students. It means Islamic Resistance Movement.

The terrorist group is an outgrowth of the Muslim Brotherhood - the same organization that has spawned most fundamentalist Islamic hate groups. It seeks the forced imposition of fundamentalist Muslim social, moral, legal, religious, and political mandates on the world. By the early s, Sheikh Ahmed Yassin's fundamentalist Islamic ideology caused him to include jihadist acts along with his preaching and educating duties.

He openly espoused violence against Israel and America. According to the HAMAS charter, "the land of Palestine has been endowed to Islam, and it is therefore the duty of all Muslims to liberate Palestine through violent jihad. Hamas remains zealously dedicated to its violent, fundamentalist Islamist goals and seeks to destroy Israel and replace the Palestinian Authority with an Islamic state.

HAMAS has violently opposed any political compromises with Israel and has frequently used suicide bombings and rocket attacks against to derail the peace process. If you were a Palestinian, the choice would be between starving and submission. Hamas's substantial financial support comes with strings attached.

Children mus attend their schools and mosques and parents must sign oaths of allegiance. Hamas provides financial, food, housing, education, health care, religious, and recreation services that the Palestinian Authority has been unable to provide because they are more interested in enriching themselves than indoctrinating the populous in Islam.

HAMAS has been able to leverage this support into an increased barrage of terrorist activities. While Western politicians and media spokespeople claimed that this negative turn of events could not have been predicted, I actively predicted this very outcome in the book and on radio shows beginning in Read the opening and title chapter of Tea With Terrorists if you'd like to know what other predictions I got right.

In a public address given on Wednesday evening, October 11th, , George Bush's Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, said: "Palestinians deserve to live better than they do, and to be free of the humiliation of occupation in a state of their own. She was also fabricating history. Before the Fatah and Hamas intifada against Israel, back when Muslims were integrated into the Israeli society, the "Palestinian people" were the best educated, most prosperous and most free Muslims in the world.

But after their violent terrorist uprising, the Palestinians who were now separated from Israel became as indoctrinated, oppressed, humiliated, impoverished, hateful, and violent as all of the other Muslims who surround Israel's oasis of relative civility. But worse than all of her revisionism and deceit, there is the moral question.

To say that the "Palestinians deserve The Palestinians are second only to the Pakistanis in the application of terror. And the only moral response to terror is rebuke, not reward.