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A funny and self-effacing memoir-in-essays from a bookseller who thought she had her whole life figured out and had done everything right and gotten everything she wanted only to wake up one day and realize that. Pajtim Statovci, tr. In Crossing , his second novel to appear in English, Finnish-Kosovan novelist Pajtim Statovci takes on issues of identity, gender, and sexuality and braids them into a rich history of Albanian myth and legend.

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Following Bujar, who decides to leave the ruins of Communist Albania with his fearless friend Agim and travel to Italy, Crossing explores their further struggles as they try to feel at home in a new country and in their own bodies. Toews novelizes the horrific drugging and sexual assault of girls in an an ultraconservative Mennonite colony in Bolivia that occured between and A bitingly satirical debut novel from Boggs, whose nonfiction exploration of fertility and motherhood, The Art of Waiting , made a splash back in This s-set novel focuses on a Harvard Ph.

He has the broken syntax of profundity down cold, but he turns that tone inside out, forcing the reader to pay attention. These are companionable poems which sneak up on you. They stick to your mind like the best images and tilt with the dignity of prairie weathervanes. Lina Wolff, tr. This immensely clever new novel by Lina Wolff brings to life three characters caught up in high level sexual games, turned inside out by what they want, and how it feels not to get it.

In the virtuosic opener an older man finds his way on the pecking order of younger beauties pairing off for public sex, and in another a man takes care of his dying friend, who managed to stay healthy long enough he could die of a neurological disease. Death is a unifier here, the last party everyone goes to. These tales, set against the sherbety sunsets of the Keys, feel like a southern follow up, twenty years later: brightly lit and hilarious and deeply sad. Compulsively readable and formally brilliant: this is basically a literary unicorn.

Philip Kerr, Metropolis Putnam, April 9. Part biography of the Mission Valley in Montana, informed by the Blackfeet and Salish histories rooted there, it tells a moving modern tale of how ranchers and big predators overlap uneasily on that land today. Every spring and summer she comes down to the corn fields to feed in the summer. Yet not everyone would delight in such company. When not writing, Andrews works with a Bozeman organization attempting to sort out how to make it possible for the animals and humans to have equal purchase on the land.

Beyond the Holocaust: A Mother-Daughter Journey to Reclaim the Past

Readers hungry for yet another torch bearer to the ways of thinking of the wild that Barry Lopez and Leslie Marmon Silko made possible should look no further. This rich historical novel by Paris Review Plimpton Prize-winner Isabella Hammad takes us back to another time of cataclysmic change. Unfolding between , when the Ottoman Empire was beginning to collapse and with it a cosmopolitan Middle East, and the build up to World War II, it presents a sweeping portrait of Palestinian man caught amidst the macro-aggressions of the interwar years—as well as the raptures and ruptures of love.

As it begins Midhat Kamal has just arrived in Montpelier from Nablus to study with a renowned doctor. There might be dust on his shoes but Kamal is fabulously educated and worldly in the way the increasingly powerful West is unable to fathom.

Hammad gorgeously guides this watchful and thoughtful consciousness through the years and into a shattering love affair, putting on a clinic of free indirect style. This intricately woven family saga about four generations of East African Gujarartis calls to mind the early work of Jhumpa Lahiri. How hard it was to judge a situation so utterly foreign. Friends being eaten by lions at night on the farms where they worked. Their marriage a happy decision he stumbles into just as years before his parents agreed to their all-but-arranged marriage.

Acker has until now been best known as the founder and editor of the phenomenally astute and globally-tuned journal The Common. The Limits of the World should change that.

196 countries, countless stories…

This book weaves a sweeping mosaic of immigration and family-making, showing how movement can keep a family alive, but also sow the seeds of division and judgement and misunderstanding which can tear it apart. Fran has brought her children, who soon uncover an ugly secret in a ruined cottage in the woods. And Harriet, the eldest, finds her quiet self-possession ripped apart by passion.

This is a stunning, timeless novel beloved by some of this century's greatest writers. Jeanette Winterson is probably the only person who can write about growing up in poverty, terrorised by an overbearing, Evangelical mother, and make it not just a bit funny but very funny. Seemingly destined to become a missionary, Winterson instead falls in love — with a woman — and finds herself on a very different path.

A punchy, tender, innovative tale about giving up everything you know in order to live as you truly want to, and the devastating cost of doing so. Fascinated by the flock near his Norfolk home, Cocker goes in search of crows around the country, uncovering their inner lives and learning to listen for the richness of their song.

So, in , he set out to swim through the British Isles. To follow him on his journey is to have the British landscape completely reframed. It also unlocks and makes new the beautiful language of our waterscapes: the sea, rock pools, rivers and streams, tarns, lakes, lochs, ponds, lidos, swimming pools and spas, fens, dykes, moats, aqueducts, canals, waterfalls One for swimmers, nature lovers and storytellers alike.

There has been a resurgence in nature writing in the past few years, thanks largely to this phenomenal memoir from Helen Macdonald. It is also a kaleidoscopic biography of the brilliant and troubled novelist T.

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White, a book about memory, nature and nation and how to reconcile death with life and love. On an otherwise ordinary day, we see a seaside pier collapse with devastating repercussions. We witness a man, surrounded by his family on Christmas Eve, shoot a stranger in the chest. And we watch as a woman rescued from a suicide attempt helps the man who saved her in just as profound a way. Compelling and devastating in equal measure. More than a decade ago, Rose Tremain was turning her humane, unflinching eye onto the plight of economic migrants. Choose it. Jake Whyte is the sole resident of an old farmhouse on an unnamed, unforgiving British island.

She lives with her untamed companion, Dog, and a flock of sheep. But something is coming for the sheep. There are foxes in the woods, and rumours of an obscure, formidable beast. Identical twins Georgia and Bessi live in the loft of 26 Waifer Avenue, a place of beanbags, nectarines and secrets.

For their mother and father downstairs, though, there is no such harmony. Forced to create their own identities, the children build a separate universe — but when reality comes knocking, the fantasies of childhood start to give way. But the case of a seventeen-year-old boy who is refusing medical treatment on religious grounds is the one which, finally, gets entirely under her skin and forces her to question everything.

Dalloway said she would buy the flowers herself. As the emotions stirred up from her memories collide with the realities of her present, she finds herself re-examining the choices she has made, questioning how her life might have been. The quintessential modern classic — vivid, moving and enchanting. This short novel is incredibly powerful and was inspired by an affair Greene himself had.

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Read it in an afternoon as the world rages by. The legacy itself is mysterious — the diary of a school friend who committed suicide decades ago — but even odder, the diary is in the possession of an ex-girlfriend who will not give it up. Growing up in a shanty called Paradise, ten-year-old Darling and her friends spend their time stealing guavas, singing Lady Gaga at the tops of their voices and dreaming of a new life somewhere safe. A brilliant coming-of-age story, this Man Booker-shortlisted novel will stay with you long after you finish it. For the latest books, recommendations, offers and more.

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