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On Words Never Spoken by Mthaytr reviews Riku had never realized that sometimes, love could mean watching from a distance. Sometimes, loving Sora hurt more than anything - and he hated that he didn't know how to stop.

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Oneshot, Canonverse. Mix in new werewolves, vampires, secrets, Voldemorts adopted daughter and a mysterious DADA teacher, Hogwarts is getting turned upside down! But was Itachi worth saving? Trouble from Konoha and Akastuki soon come Sasuke's way, and he starts to wonder about the emotions that drove him to save his brother. Ebooks and Manuals

Mild Dumbledore and Weasley bashing. Adopted by Mr. A stubborn prisoner is brought to the attention of the most powerful general in the Shin-Ra army. Will he prove unbreakable? Rated M for bad language, and nasty stuff. Gift fan art from MK-KM. He can't cope, but not for reasons one might think. The true meaning of the prophecy is revealed and Bill is put into the mix.

Very interesting year indeed. NO HBP.

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Pulled through time II by reviews After being raised along side Tom Riddle at an orphanage in the 30s Harry is back in the time he belongs. With his 'brother' by his side, he enters his 4th year at Hogwarts, a year that will change Harry, and his picture of Tom, forever. Sequel is up! Untitled by you-go-on-my-cookie reviews Harry comes into his inheritances.

Snape is Harry's godfather. Harry is in Slytherin and gay? Rather desriptive. Don't like, don't read. No slash but it is implied. Harry is Haru, re-incarnated prince.

Sorry to anyone who was looking forward to it but it WILL be in the sequel Harry kills the Dursleys at the age of eight and is found by Voldemort within the forest and is raised in the ways of Salazar Slytherin. As the darkness within the light's savoir grows will a bond form between Harry and the Dark Lord? Rumbling Hearts by Kisa Masaki-san reviews Uchihacest Being an avenger came with surprises and disappointments he wasn't ready for.

He didn't plan on falling for him. He didn't plan on making sense of everything. Sasuke didn't plan on reaching out, only to be caught by the only person who cared. Just who are his parents and is he even a human?

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Read to find out. And please, leave a review, I want at least 2. Wolf's son by TeWahineAniwaniwa reviews Harry's twin is thought to be the boy-who-lived and his parents neglect him. Someone else is also feeling neglected. One night Harry disappears along with Sirius's spouse and child. Years later,Dumbledore does something stupid. Dumbles is going down! An Adventure to the Past by Death's Silent Approach reviews Harri female Harry Potter finds herself in Japan after the death of her godfather visiting a shrine owned by one of Vernons clients.

There Harri falls down a mysterious well into a past filled with many dangers. My Twilight by sea-princess reviews Edward thought he had lost everything. But just as he is about to throw his life away, he meets someone who much worst off. The book of lost things by jade-requiem reviews Gabriel had everything. Perfect looks, wealth, talent and power. The perfect life, or so Draco believes. Not that his own is any easier when he's the demon heir.

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Inside your Mind by mornmeril reviews when Riddle's diary finds it's way back to Harry, the three friends are shocked to discover it unharmed. Price for a Memory by reviews Ever had one of those days where everything after hurts you? Tries to kill you? A mysterious man haunts Cloud's past, present and future. Does one fall for love or lust?

James had taken her and her mother away from his rival at school but not on his own accord. Available for adoption. Dumbles, DumblesBashing, Vampire Knights xover, implied rape. Full summary inside. Adopted by jeffyboo Zyklus, von Eine Neue Macht erhebt sich. Ich glaube, ich brauche nicht viel dazu, zu sagen.

Die Leute, die die Story kenne, wissen schon, was passiert ist. Twilight's Melody by mizz92 reviews I was the sad cello player. He was the eternal pianist. Could we ever be together with all the drama that magic and family brings?

I only hope so. Character Death. Abiding Love by akirk reviews Can the past remain in the past? Was everything as it seemed? I do suck at summaries. The Light is in for a rude awakening. But yet maybe the child can still be saved from Darkness, he is after all a Light wizard by origin. Foreshadowing Darkness by Luraji reviews AU. Vampiric-ish fic.

The darks secrets are not so subtle hidden. Its human ignorance that keeps it hidden Warning: characters may be OOC. Love Plus Lies Equals Friends The Musical by Confusedchick reviews Kagome finally leaves for college and there she meets new and exciting friends, has new experiences, and finds a new love. You'll enter into the lives of her new friends and their own journeys! But they might not be able to keep this one. Out of desperation, Chris and Elizabeth are sent to Hogwarts.

Despite neither wanting to be there, they soon discover truths about themselves and their enemies, that will alter their lives and force them to make some difficult choices. Remix of the Wutai War with Sephiroth and everyone's fav blonde. Includes Harry being betrayed and manipulated, Weasley,Dumbledore,Granger bashing. Kamen by Kurai-Tenshi of Doom reviews Cloud is a famous Kabuki dancer known for his affeminate beauty.

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Will he give his heart to the coldest General he has ever met when a government conspiracy throws them together? Small Welcoming Hands by Itachi. Oh Enka reviews The nurse nods and brings her some as they continue to watch the older brother sooth the younger with lullabies.