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The crazy man who lives there believes God sent Tess to him to be his The Kane Family saga continues with Andy's story. He must resolve the issues of the pas Charlie had once loved Alex, but she disappeared from his life years ago, without telling him she was pregnant. Alex has alw His mother and grandmother made his childhood a living hell, and he wants their ghosts gone, but his This is a short introduction to The Donatelli Series. An abused and neglected boy of twelve, Nick Donatelli runs away from New York City and his alcoholic and abusive mother.

Blind Love (Donatelli Series, #2) by Sue Fineman

He makes his way across the country to Los Angeles and finds a loving home w Catherine Timmons comes up with a new television reality show with a twist, but before she can develop the show, she's called home to take care of her father, who was injured in a fall. His latest bimbo, the woman who caused the fall, won't leave the Blade Banner inherits his grandfather's estate.

He's given a million and the old man's mansion, but the rest won't be his until he marries. He's been alone since he was fifteen and has never had a long-term relationship. What woman would want to marr Alessandro Donatelli, the youngest of the Donatelli brood, has a promising career as an architect, but he needs a quiet place to work. He buys the run-down inn at Dead Man's Point from a ninety-year-old woman. She gives him a good price, but part of Donatelli Series - Book 1 Newlywed Cara Andrews overhears her husband talking to his girlfriend about locking Cara in an institution so he can steal her inheritance.

Frightened, Cara sneaks away and rents a run-down cabin in Gig Harbor, intending t Reed Calloway is a man of the world. He's lived with a prostitute, worked as a bouncer, and been arrested for assault. When he inherits his stepfather's business, he also inherits a business advisor, an attorney who tries to provoke Reed into being a Over the next few weeks, they rek Her parents were murdered years ago, and Maggie has custody. She finds her sister safe on the Martinson Ranch Mia Gregory walks away from her job as a police officer in Tacoma and unknowingly steps into more danger in Clover Hills.

With his shattered elbow, a reminder of the war in Iraq, Bo Gregory has enough on his hands without getting involved in someone else's problems. He doesn't need a battered wife and her kid living over the bar, especially when he and his brother are Who knew the man who claimed to be Neen's long-lost uncle was a big drug lord?

Nobody told her what he did for a living. She didn't find out until the night of the raid, when Uncle Julio's men tried to shoot her. She got away, but she's been on th Chance Gregory is still mourning the loss of his ex-wife when her killer leaves an explicit message written in blood in Chance's law office. The killer also left a knife in Baylee Patterson's pillow.

The Inn at Dead Man's Point

She's a newspaper reporter who wrote some not-so Where had her husband hidden their money? If he wasn't dead, Rachel would leave him this time for sure.

Without the money, she'll lose her only asset, the half-built house on the hill outside Maystown, Arizona. The only man who can help her is the su We use cookies to ensure the best user experience at FictionDB. By continuing to browse our site you are agreeing to our use of cookies per our User Agreement.

Book List: 41 titles. Nick's Journey. Sherry Greer, Michael Greer Jr.

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He had many jobs throughout his life, most of them were general labor professions. He was a hard worker and took his jobs with pride no matter what the task was. He was a loving man and cared deeply for his family.

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He graduated from Melrose High School in , as president of the senior class and captain of the basketball team. He was a Tyng scholar which provided a full scholarship to Williams and Harvard. Following completion of his residency, Calvin was commissioned into the Air Force, beginning what would be a fifteen year career. Regional Hospital. In , Calvin accepted a position with Drs. Upjohn, Ross, and Gaiser in Salem.

He remained a partner in the practice until his retirement in Prior to his retirement, Dr. Collins served as chief of surgery and president of the hospital medical staff. He also worked along with several talented technicians and other colleagues to establish the Salem Hospital Non-Invasive Vascular Laboratory. They enjoyed traveling, skiing, golf, and spending time with their blended family. Cal served a term as president of Illahe Hills Country Club and after retiring, spent 10 years volunteering with the Oregon Golf Association, rating golf courses all over Oregon and southern Washington.

He also enjoyed tending to his roses, doing New York Times crosswords, and during his spare time, laughing with family and friends. A private memorial is planned. Francisco Frank E. Rodrigues Frank passed away peacefully in his sleep on July 29, in Salem. He was born in Brava, Cape Verde Islands. Frank was not only a proud man but a brave man as well.

At the age of 35 he decided to pack up his wife and children with basically nothing more than they could carry and made the long journey to a new and unfamiliar country. They ended up in Salem Oregon back in Even though he was in a new country and was not able to speak the language he was able to find work with West Foods and later with St.

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Vincent De Paul prior to retirement. Frank enjoyed visiting with family and working with his hands on various projects but his true passion was being in his garden; to say he had a green thumb is an understatement. His roses were some of the most beautiful flowers ever seen.

Frank will be remembered for his generous heart, warm smile, playful nature and his never ending stories. He will truly be missed. Dolores D. Dolores graduated from Drake High School in and married Ernie in She taught school for a short time and helped with farming around Drake. She moved with her family to Fairbanks, Alaska in and worked as Telephone operator for 18yrs.

Dolores and her husband, Ernie were small business owners while in Oregon. They then moved to Mt. Hebron, Ca. Hebron Grocery Store for a number of years. She loved fishing on the rivers and ocean. Even though she could not swim, she learned to navigate their boat while ocean fishing. She enjoyed old time polka music and could dance with the best of dancers. She was preceded in death by her husband, Ernie, parents and 6 of her brothers and sisters. Memorial Services will be held Saturday Sept.

Klamath Falls, Oregon Memorial donations can be made to the LWML at the church. Carol was born on February 18, in Corpus Christi, Texas. She lived in Texas, New Jersey, Shreveport and, after retirement from the surgical intensive care unit as a nurse supervisor, moved to Oregon to be closer to her daughter and her family. Carol loved spending time with family as well as traveling especially to Italy , stitching, cooking and spending time with friends of the Newcomers group. She is survived by her daughter, Kalen Young and her husband, Dr. Carol taught us how to be strong, how to fight for what you believe in and how to never give up.

The family would like to give a special thanks to Dr. Natasha Tiffany, whose compassionate care gave us years more of family time and quality life with Carol. There will be a private family memorial in her honor. Prayers for Carol and her family are requested. He lived in Santa Clara, California until the age of 8, then his family moved to Milpitas, California.

In , he moved his family to Oregon, initially settling in Corvallis. He worked at LBCC for eight years as an equipment technician, helping streamline their DVD copying production and eliminating time and production rates.

Sue Fineman

He also set up one of their first telecommunication classrooms for broadcasting instruction to other locations this was pre-internet. He spent the last 17 years providing computer network and data management for many local small businesses. He was amazingly creative, always trying to improve or streamline whatever he was working on.

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He will be remembered for his great BBQs, his artistic woodworking and his spirited personality. Rick is preceded in death by his father Marvin and his sisters Erin and Lori. Her midwife named her Peggy, which she went by throughout most of her life. In along with her older brother Verle her parents moved to Lake Labish to farm onions. After settling in Oregon four more siblings were born.

While attending Hazel Green school Peggy helped on the farm and cared for her twin brothers Maurice and Marvin and the little ones Nyles and Loren. They soon married on August 25, raising their children Douglas and Pamela in south Salem.